Weeknight Recipes

I will try to keep this post short and sweet.  A lot of changes have happened over the past year.  We sold our house, built our dream house on an acreage, and I have gone back to work full time.  The changes have all been good and I am welcoming all of them with open arms.  I have found that I have become more organized now that I am working because I have to be.  I have always been a procrastinator and worked best under pressure, so I guess this is no exception.

Since the majority of my blog has revolved around sharing recipes, I will share my weekly menus with you and how I prep/plan for the week.  I plan my meals for the coming week on Saturday or Sunday after going through the flyers to find out what’s on sale for the week.  I then write my menu up on my menu board and try to do as much prep work as possible on the weekend or the night before I plan on cooking a particular meal so that my meal for the evening can be on the table in under an hour.

Tonight I made Baked Chicken Parmesan served with homemade fettuccine and boiled baby carrots.  On the weekend I sliced all my chicken breasts in half to make them nice and thin then put them in the freezer.  Last night I put them in the fridge to defrost so tonight all I had to do was take them out of the fridge and get to work breading and then into the oven to cook.  I covered them with homemade marinara sauce (but I am sure any pasta/tomato sauce would work).  My homemade fettuccine was served with pasta sauce from a jar because I was being lazy and didn’t feel like making pasta sauce.  This meal is delicious, quick and easy.  All elements that make it a perfect weeknight meal in my books.

Baked Chicken Parmesan


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