DIY Spiderman Mask

DIY Spiderman mask

DIY Spiderman mask

A good friend of mine has a daughter who is turning 3 right away, so we spent the morning celebrating with her.  My friend had requested that nobody bring gifts because she just wanted friends to come out and run around and play.  But I didn’t feel right showing up empty-handed so I figured if I made something I wasn’t breaking her rule, right?!

This girl LOVES Spiderman so I went searching for a Spiderman mask DIY tutorial and was ecstatic to learn that one existed.  I found my inspiration here.  The original pattern used by the gal in this blog can be found here along with a fantastic tutorial filled with pictures and even patterns for other superhero masks.

I made some slight changes to the way I made my mask but stayed pretty true to the original.  I made the front of the mask out of glittery red felt (to make it a little more fun) and the back was a burgundy color.  To simplify the design, I traced my design by placing the pattern behind my felt then tracing it onto the felt using a water-soluble marker.  I was working at night so I could not just place my felt with the pattern behind up to the window so instead I created a simple light box using a string of white lights and an empty plastic storage container.

Light box

Light box


DIY spiderman mask - tracing the pattern using the light box

DIY spiderman mask – tracing the pattern using the light box

For the glittery red front part of the mask I traced all lines, including the lines for the “web” pattern.  For the burgundy back part of the mask I simply traced the outline and the eyes and then cut that part of the mask out and set it aside until I was ready to attach it to the front part of the mask.

Once the pattern was traced, to make the black around the eye holes, I simply traced around the outside of the cutouts for the eye holes onto black felt that had heat and bond ironed onto the back and was folded over onto itself so I could cut out both eye outlines at once.  Then I drew another line about 1 cm wide around the first line and cut them out.

Then it was time to stitch all the web lines that I had drawn on with the water-soluble marker.  I used black thread on the top and red thread on the bottom and machine stitched all the lines.  Once all the lines were stitched, I ironed the black outlines for the eyes onto the mask.  Then I cut out a piece of elastic 14″ long and secured it to the mask with pins just below one of the lines of the web on each side of the eye hole.  I then pinned the front piece of the mask to the back of the mask and then stitched around the entire mask.  I then ran another stitch just inside of this stitch around the entire outside of the mask.  I like how this gave the mask a finished look.  Then to make sure the eye holes were secure, I ran a stitch over the black part of eye around both eyes.

Once all this was done, I simply wiped the felt with a damp cloth to remove the marker and it was done.

DIY Spiderman Mask

DIY Spiderman Mask

DIY Spiderman Mask - the back

DIY Spiderman Mask – the back


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2 Responses to DIY Spiderman Mask

  1. jessie says:

    you are amazing! thank you very much.. while you didn’t listen to me, my little spider-girl is running around the house shooting webs and so very happy!

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