Busy Weekend

I apologize for not doing proper posts for the crackers I posted pictures of on my page on Facebook, but this ended up being a busy (but good) weekend filled with visiting friends, organizing my office/craft room, date night with my husband, and my first shipment of Tupperware arrived so I can start organizing my kitchen.  The one recipe for the crackers with the hummus still requires tweaking so I will try to do a post on that one once I’ve perfected the recipe.  I will also try to get a recipe up for the roasted red pepper hummus I made.

First shipment of Tupperware has arrived - time to start organizing the kitchen

First shipment of Tupperware has arrived – time to start organizing the kitchen

It felt so nice to finally have a full day that I could devote to cleaning my office, because after de-cluttering the rest of the house, anything that didn’t really have a place ended up in my office.  I didn’t even take pictures of the before because I was too embarrassed.  My husband and I joked that it looked like it belonged on an episode of hoarders.  I still have a few more hours of organizing to do, but it’s getting there and soon I will hopefully be able to spend some time down there doing some more projects and post some pictures of how clean and organized it is!

In the mean time, once I start on the kitchen I will post before and after pictures of my poor, disorganized kitchen.  I am looking forward to everything finally having a place and having storage containers large enough for a whole bag of flour or sugar, rather than just half a bag.

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