Strawberry Fruit Leather

Homemade fruit leather

Strawberry fruit leather

I have been wanting to try this recipe for fruit rolls for quite some time, but I was thinking I would wait until I had a dehydrator.  Then I decided I should probably see if the kids like eating homemade fruit leather before I go buying a dehydrator, so I did a batch in the oven.  It took quite a while (about 6 hours) and wasn’t evenly dried, resulting in some the parts along the outside of the pan being crispy, and the center perfectly dried,   bendable and nice and chewy.  It made the house smell so good while it was in the oven and my daughter LOVED it.  It became a treat for her until it was all eaten.  I also loved it.  I am looking forward to purchasing a dehydrator in the near future and have my eye on the Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator.  Anyway, enough about me and my dehydrator dreams, here’s the recipe.

Strawberry Fruit Leather

Printable recipe here.


  • 2 cups organic strawberries
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon


1. Preheat oven to lowest temperature (mine was 170 degrees F). Wash strawberries and cut the tops off.  Throw in a blender, blending until smooth.  Add cinnamon and blend a little longer.

2. Spread onto parchment-lined baking sheet, trying to spread evenly.

3. Let sit in the oven until fruit is all dried up.  This took approximately 6 hours (I did use convection for about half of the time to try to dry it out more evenly).

Strawberry fruit leather

Strawberry fruit leather

4. Once all dried out, cut into strips, place in a glass container and store in the fridge.

*If using a dehydrator, dehydrate for 8 – 10 hours (until fruit is pliable and easy to remove from the sheet) at 105 degrees F.

Strawberry fruit leather

Strawberry fruit leather

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2 Responses to Strawberry Fruit Leather

  1. Jana D says:

    Oh I will have to try this! Is it hard for the little ones to chew? (Did Vincent like it?) I tried a recipe for ‘healthy fruit snacks’ and it needed gelatine and it was rubbery and gross so I love that there are only 2 healthy ingredients here!

    • cdawnb says:

      Lol! I tried healthy fruit snacks as well and had the same issues, rubbery, gross, and seriously lacking in flavour. I may try again, but with a recipe that uses pectin rather than gelatin. Kirsten had no problems chewing it, and I don’t think Vincent would have either if he would have just tried it. 😛 I liked it a lot though and since Kirsten did too I’m hoping Vincent will be brave enough to try it next time. I love that it’s not all sticky like the store bought fruit leather and like you said only two healthy ingredients. 🙂

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