Quiet Book Pages – Christmas and Snowman

Last night I spend the night doing a production line that involved ironing on heat and bond to the back of my felt, organizing all my computer designs that needed to be cut out by color, then putting my Cameo to work cutting out all my shapes. I am happy to say that there are only 2 more pages I am wanting to complete before our trip now that the Christmas and snowman pages are done!

The snowman page is from a pattern on the fabulous Imagine our Life Blog! The woman behind that blog is extremely talented.  I used the pattern from her blog for the most part, but if you want to see the original, check out her blog.

Snowman/woman page

Storage pockets for the snowman/woman pieces


Next up, I decided to design my own Christmas page. Please ignore the less than perfect sewing on this one as I was rushing and cutting corners in an effort to meet my “get this book done by the end of the coming weekend” goal.  If time allows, I will personalize each of the stockings by putting our first initials on them.


Christmas quiet book page – stockings are hung using mini clothespins

Present stores all the Christmas Tree decorations

Ribbon for the bows on the presents can be untied/tied



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