Craft Room/Office Organization

I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been working in my office despite it being disorganized a DISASTER!  My husband had taken the kids away for a weekend so I could get some organizing done about a month ago.  I organized other rooms, but unfortunately anything that didn’t really have a place ended up in my office as it’s the only room other than the furnace room the kids are not allowed to be in unless one of us are in the room with them.  What I’m really trying to say is my office has become the dumping ground, but I’ve been dealing with it and working around it.  The arrival of my Silhouette Cameo changed all that for me.  I had no real desk space to devote to it so I spent the last couple hours doing some organizing so I can finally sit down and experiment with my Cameo.

First I put up a shelf.  Then I assembled some magazine files to store felt/finished pages for my quiet book.


Then I hung a Bygel rail I had purchased from IKEA a while ago to hang containers from that store marking pens, felt scraps, thread cuttings from the sewing machine, etc.

I also hung a magnetic board for hanging felt letters and whatever else I come up with.  I have some magnetic spice racks that I am retiring for that purpose, so I am thinking those will find a place on the magnetic board.  I am thinking they will hold things like buttons, beads, etc.

And finally, I had bought a bucket of beads from a local craft store and spent some time with my daughter organizing them into what I believe is intended to store tackle but they work perfect for this purpose.  So well in fact, I may have to invest in a few more.

That’s really it for the organizing tonight so I am only really going to show you a couple walls of my office as the other two walls are still in a pretty sore state.  Now it’s time for me to do what I really came down here to do – experiment cutting felt with my Cameo.

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