Quiet Book – Clock Page

I have finished up the clock page that I posted a sneak peek of and figured it’s time a do a post about it.

This page was pretty simple and straightforward.

To make the clock, I simply chose a size of circle that seemed appropriate for the size of the page it was going to be on.  The clock face was 6 inches and the inner edge of the border was 5 3/4 inches with the outer edge being 6 1/2 inches.  I had bought some felt numbers from a local craft store, so I simply stuck them onto the clock for the hours.

I then worked on the hands of the clock.  I cut them out of black glitter felt and then made button holes in both of them using black thread. *I am going to either glue the hands onto  a thin cardboard or some left-over laminated paper to make them sturdier and it should make them slide over each other and the clock’s face easier.  I then sewed a button to the center of the clock face and put the hands on the clock.

Once I had the hands on the clock, I then stitched the clock (inside and outside border edges) onto the page using a zig-zag stitch.

After the clock was secured onto the page, I found a picture of a wolf, which I laminated with the words “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” underneath. I also printed out times in half hour intervals along with “Lunch Time” onto 3 inch by 1 1/4 inch pieces of paper. I then laminated these times and punched holes in them and put them onto a binder loop.  *If I were to do this over, I would round the edges of these papers so they wouldn’t be sharp and pointy once laminated).   I also laminated 5 minute intervals onto half circles of paper to put around the clock to help the kids learn about the minute hand. I stuck velcro dots to the back of each of these minute intervals and they stick to the felt. I wasn’t quite happy with the look though, so I made some changes.
I decided the wolf would look much better if he was made out of felt and sewn onto the page. So I traced the wolf onto tissue paper. Then I pinned the tissue paper onto some dark grey felt and cut out the wolf. I then placed tissue paper underneath the wolf as well (so it was sandwiched between tissue paper). This is a great trick to use when machine sewing small pieces of felt because it stops them from getting sucked into your machine and it helps the foot slide smoothly along the surface as you are sewing. To make the details on the wolf, I simply used a light grey thread and stitched along the lines drawn on the tissue paper. I then removed the tissue paper and placed a loop of ribbon under the bottom center of the wolf (to hold the binder ring of times) and secured the wolf to the page using a zig-zag stitch. For the eyes, I had bought some googly eyes and I stuck them to the wolf using fabric glue meant for permanently attaching jewels to fabric. I am glad I chose to make the wolf out of felt as I think he looks much better.

Here is the finished page. It will be great for helping the kids learn to tell time as well as being great for keeping them active by making them do different activities for each of the times and running away when it’s “lunch time”.

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3 Responses to Quiet Book – Clock Page

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    Can I just say that you are way too talented? All of your crafts leave me feeling sorely inadequate! 😛 Everything looks great!!

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