Quiet Book – Alphabet Page

I have finished the alphabet page for the quiet book I am making for my kids.  This one was fun and not too time consuming.  I had seen an idea for making an alphabet page that has pockets for an item that starts with each letter of the alphabet.  I also saw an idea of someone making a photo book for their kid, using pictures of their things/them for each letter of the alphabet.  So I combined these two ideas to make this page.

I took pictures of the kids and their toys/objects around the house and then arranged them by letter.  I made the pictures 2 inches by 2 inches and rounded the edges so they wouldn’t be sharp and pointy once laminated.  For letters that I had 2 or more pictures, I stuck two pictures together back to back so it would be double-sided.  I then laminated all pictures and now they should be virtually indestructible.

To make the page, I simply chose seven different colours of felt to make the pockets.  I cut each color into 2 inch by 10 inch strips.  I centered the colours widthwise, leaving an inch on each side.  I left 1/4 inch of space in between the top and bottom of each strip of felt.

I then pinned each strip and sewed on 3 sides using a zig-zag stitch.  Then I divided each strip into 2 1/2 inch sections (using a disappearing ink marker) to make up each of the pockets.  I then straight stitched down each of these lines.  And voila, now there are pockets for each of the pictures.

I had purchased some felt letter stickers from a local craft store, so I simply stuck them onto each of the pockets.

Since there we two extra pockets, I made those into storage pockets for travel so none of the pictures get lost.  The flaps I made have velcro dots on them that stick to the felt on the pocket so that way they will stick no matter how full or empty the pockets are.

I am not sure if I will permanently leave the pictures loose, but I like them loose for a couple reasons:  I can change the pictures over time and I can get the kids to sort the pictures into the appropriate pockets.

Here are some pictures of the page:


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One Response to Quiet Book – Alphabet Page

  1. Jana D says:

    Awesome! I love the personalized pictures!

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