Fun Activities for the Kiddos

Since I am home alone with my kids for 8 straight days while my husband is travelling for work I am finding myself in need of finding things that will keep the kiddos entertained and help me save my sanity.

The first thing I discovered, is that a sheet + clothes pins + some furniture to secure the sheet to = instant fort.  It doesn’t have to be fancy and the kids love it and have been thoroughly entertained.  I found a tutorial for a DIY fort kit that I hope to complete at some point, but it will likely have to wait a while as the quiet book is currently taking up all my creative time.

Next, I discovered little pom pom balls provide a lot of entertainment. The first thing I got my daughter to do was to try putting the pom pom balls into the top of a wipes container. Then I got her to sort the balls into colours. Once she was done sorting, I got her to count how many there were of each color.

We also played a fun game with the pom poms. All you need is a hula hoop or something else suitable to try to throw the balls into. We moved further back after each time we ran out of pom poms and it kept her entertained for quite a while.

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4 Responses to Fun Activities for the Kiddos

  1. Jana D says:

    Grady loves those Pom poms! Sometimes he thinks he should try to eat them though! Lol

  2. Wendy says:

    I love the forts! Our furniture doesn’t have removable cushion so I usually end up putting a blanket on our kitchen table. But the fitted sheet on the furniture would work great!

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