Quiet Book- Clock Page Sneak Peek

A while ago I decided I would make a clock page for the quiet book I am making for the kids, but when I looked at it today, it just seemed too boring to me.  So I decided I would add a game to it, which also doubles as a learning activity.  I added the “what time is it Mr. Wolf” theme to my clock page.  I figure this page can grow with them as I am adding in minutes on the outside of the clock as well that will be stuck on with velcro (as they are laminated).  This way they can be removed and then the kids can practice figuring out the proper spots.  This page should be both a good quiet book page and a good page to encourage activity as I can get the kids to do different activities for each time (such as 2 bunny hops for 2 o’ clock, etc) like my daughter does in her gymnastics class.

I also laminated the times (in half hour increments) and punched holes in each and put them on a binder ring so they won’t get lost.

I will do a full post once the page is all done with more detailed info, but for now here’s a picture of how it looks so far.

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2 Responses to Quiet Book- Clock Page Sneak Peek

  1. Awesome job, you should start selling these.

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