Halloween Decorations

Here is a collection of the Halloween decorations we made this year.  You may remember my post about the front door spider web and you will probably notice there is now a different spider web on the front door.  Well, the wet snow, strong winds and humidity sort of wreaked havoc on my spider web.  In hindsight, there are things I will change before I attempt it again, such as making sure it is wrapped very tight and knotting or taping each intersection of the web.  It didn’t fall apart or anything, but the intersections were loose so they all slid toward the center.  I will try it again next year, but this year I did not have the energy but my daughter insisted we put up a spider web so I picked one up.

We also made a Halloween banner.  I simply printed the letters off, laminated them, cut them out and glued them to the foam Halloween bats I had purchased from Michaels.  To string them all together, I used a single hole punch and punched holes in them, then tied them together using ribbons.  Then my daughter added some stickers to finish it off.

On Sunday afternoon, we carved some pumpkins.  The kids picked their designs, we put them on the pumpkins.  They helped us gut the pumpkins and helped with some of the carving.  I think they turned out pretty good.

Our final Halloween craft this morning was milk jug ghosts.  I have been saving up milk just for the last couple weeks to make these.  I removed the labels (with a little help from Goo Gone).  Then I drew faces on two sides of the jugs and zip tied them to our front railing.  Tonight I am planning on putting glow sticks in each jug.  I will try to post some pictures of what everything looks like at night.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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