My Next Craft Project

Winter has officially arrived here and it appears it’s here to stay.  So for me that means it’s time to hibernate in my ‘woman cave’ (aka. office/craft room).  Based on the picture below, I am wondering how many people will be able to guess what my next project will be.

It’s a quiet book!   I want need to get the ball rolling on it and thanks to a great sale at a local fabric store, I was able to pick up a lot of the materials I need for a great price.  Also thanks to the home organization I did the other week, I saved lots of things I can use to make a quiet book, including old belts, pants (so I can use the pockets), and various other things I figured would work well in a quiet book.  My main motivation for getting this done is we are taking off on a hot vacation with the kids this winter and this will be the first time either of them have flown.  And I’m going to NEED entertainment for them.  My plan is to have them see it for the first time on the flight and to only give them a couple of pages of the book every half hour or so.  I hope this will add an element of surprise and get them to focus on a few pages at a time and hopefully spend some time on each page.

I will try to do posts as progress is made.  For now though I am in the pin ideas like crazy then decide which will make the final cut stage.  Hopefully I come up with a few ideas of my own along the way.  Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to My Next Craft Project

  1. Jana D says:

    You got lots of good colors!! I will need to make a trip to a different store as there was nothing for bright fun colors left! I made a couple of pages yesterday while Grady was napping and it was pretty fun!

    • cdawnb says:

      Yeah, the selection was sort of limited when I was there, but not too bad. I have a good start at least. 🙂 Well if you can get a couple pages done during a nap, that gives me hope I can get a decent amount of pages done before our trip.

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