Halloween Decorations – Front Door Spider Web

This past weekend I found myself in the mood to do some Halloween decorating. So the kids and I spent Sunday afternoon decorating.  I saw this idea for decorating a front door and I decided I had all the materials on hand to make the spider web, only I changed some of the materials as I didn’t feel too comfortable sticking duct tape to my painted front door.  I had images of peeled paint in my mind and just couldn’t do it.

**Update: October 31.  Please see this post for some changes I would make to this spider web in the future.

Front Door Spider Web

Materials needed:

  • tissue streamers (brown and white)
  • painter’s tape
  • paper plate
  • pencil (or pen with lid)
  • white glue
  • 4 black pipe cleaners
  • stapler
  • googly eyes (or white paper/stickers and a black permanent marker)
  • Hand hole punch


To make the spider:

1.  Put some white glue in a small container or cover plate with a layer of glue.

2.  Cut brown tissue streamers into small pieces.

3.  Staple a long piece of brown streamer around the perimeter of the plate to cover the white.

4.  Place a small piece of tissue streamer onto the counter.  Center the eraser of the pencil on the tissue streamer.  Press up around the pencil.  Dip the end into the white glue then stick to the plate.  Alternately you can put glue directly on the plate and use the pencil technique to place onto the plate.  Repeat until the front of the plate is covered and no more white is showing.  I then wrapped (and glued) another piece of long streamer around the front of the plate to cover all the staples.

5.  Punch 4 holes on each side of the plate across from each other.  Cut pipe cleaners in half and place one through each hole securing the end by wrapping it around itself.

6.  Place eyes on the spider.

7.  Place painter’s tape (or masking tape) onto the back of the plate to stick it to the door.

To make the web:

1.  Place one white tissue streamer horizontally where you want the center of the web to be.  Tape on each end on the side of the door so it won’t be visible from inside or outside when the door is closed.  Intersect this streamer down the center with another streamer placed vertically.  Tape at each end.  Then cut each of these squares made by these intersecting streamers in half by placing two more tissue streamers at angles.  Once all this is in place, start weaving a long piece of tissue streamer through all of these pieces roughly in an octagonal shape.  Repeat until you reach the center.  Remove the tape from the additional two pieces that were placed to make the frame of the web.  Wrap them around the intersecting pieces then put a new piece of tape on the back to secure the web to the door.  I realize I am finding this hard to put into words, so hopefully a picture of the finished web will help you understand the process.

2.  Tape the spider onto the door and there you have it a decorated door for Halloween.  Okay so mine is more diamond shaped than octagonal, but that’s what happens when you are doing a craft with two little kids.  The kids were both very excited about the door decoration and my daughter was so proud of the spider she helped make.  And that’s the important part to me!

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