Getting Organized

I recently went on a shopping trip to IKEA Edmonton with a couple of girl friends to do some shopping at West Ed and of course I had a long IKEA list with me as well.  I love a lot of the products they have for kids as well as shelving units and other goodies to help people create more organized homes.

Since the trip, I’ve been slowly picking away at organizing different rooms in our house.  Most recently I’ve been working on organizing our kitchen and having a “command center” for meal planning, snack ideas, cleaning lists, etc.

Here are some of the latest additions:

I bought this outdoor planter basket from Canadian Tire to copy an idea I saw on Pinterest. I was originally hoping to find a smaller planter basket but this one actually works well in our kitchen. Anytime I can free up counter space I am all over it.

I’ve been trying to get into meal planning for a long time, but found myself making trips down to the freezer and writing up a list on some paper, then forgetting to update the paper and having to once again run down and make a new list. I also find it hard to keep track of all the dried and canned goods in our house as they are scattered throughout the kitchen as our pantry is not large enough to keep them all in one place. So I decided to print out a couple of lists (found here and here) to keep track of pantry and freezer inventory. And of course I had to play with one of my recent purchases and laminate them meaning I can update the lists each time I use something. This also makes it easier to keep track of groceries we need to buy.

While at IKEA I also purchased a magazine rack to organize my meal planning stuff, cleaning list, snack list, kids crafts, etc and hung it by my ribbon board and menu board right by the kitchen. Today I put some labels on so I know where everything belongs. Now just to hang my magnetic board and I think the kitchen organization will be done (at least for now, until I come up with some other idea).

I found two cleaning lists that I like so I printed both out and laminated them in one pouch back to back so I can flip it over to see the other list. You can find the first one here. And the second one here. I couldn’t decide which menu planning printable I liked best, so I printed out all three. Once I sit down and finally do up a monthly meal plan I will let you know which is my favorite, or if I simply prefer using the weekly planner instead. All three meal planning worksheets can be found here.

Meal Planning

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4 Responses to Getting Organized

  1. Jana says:

    Wowza! Good job! I wish I could be this organized but I just can’t keep up with it. I will make a cleaning schedule and then not follow through. 😦 I also don’t follow through with my meal plans. I am hoping to start again now that harvest is over and I have such an awesome place to leave Grady while I get weekly groceries! 🙂

    • cdawnb says:

      Well I am just starting to try to stick to a cleaning schedule and haven’t started meal planning as of yet. I used to be more diligent about at least planning for the week. Now I wake up and try to figure out what we’re going to have for supper the same morning.
      But now I feel organized enough to start some serious meal planning.
      Grady plays so well with the kids. He is a pleasure to watch! 🙂

  2. Kierste says:

    Thanks for the feature! You’ve got some great ideas, here! xo

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