Sushi Splurge Night Teaser

It was my turn to host splurge last night as I was the winner at our last meet up.  I love hosting these parties and like to come up with a theme around which to do my planning.  This time I decided it would be fun to do a sushi making party.  I had made sushi at home once before years ago so I was a little really out of practice but had a general idea of what I would need in terms of ingredients and supplies.  So I went to Pinterest and the internet to find ideas for cutting everything and having everything ready for the night.

It’s been a busy few days getting ready for splurge and then we had another busy day today so I am not going to do a full post tonight, but I wanted to post some pictures of the preparations and the party itself.  I’m sure the full post (including recipes and procedures) will be coming in the next few days.

The process:

Some of the creations:

It was a lot of fun and one of the girls that wasn’t a sushi fan become a sushi fan. In fact she liked it so much we had her and her family over tonight and made up some more sushi to use up the ingredients I had prepped!

Here are some pictures from tonight:

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