Play Room Organization

We have been doing a lot of camping this summer but now that I have some days at home again I have been realizing that our play room is becoming overwhelmed with toys and the current organizational method/lack of organization just isn’t working for me.  So I spent a couple of hours this morning deciding which toys can be taken out of the play room and how to organize the remaining toys.  Eventually I will buy all the same bins for the toys, but for now I just needed to bring an end to the chaos so I worked with what I had.

First off, I organized the remaining toys into bins, and for the larger ones, into the cube shelving.  Then I took pictures of how all of this was organized:

I then printed off these pictures and cut them out to make labels for the front of the bins/drawers/shelves:

Then I put the labels onto the bins/drawers/shelves and here is the end result:

Like I said, it’s not all that pretty right now, but it’s organized.  Once I have some time to look around and find the bins I want to use for all the toys, I will likely re-print these labels onto actual label paper and make it all pretty.  I the meantime I am really hoping that this will help the kids (well at least my oldest) visually see where toys belong and it should make cleaning up a whole lot easier.

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