Kirsten Turns 3

My daughter turned three a few days ago and we had a party for her yesterday in our backyard (thanks to the weather for cooperating)!  She has been a Curious George Fan for a long time, so I decided I should make her a Curious George cake and some cake pops for her party.  I started searching the web for ideas and was able to find a decent amount of cute pictures, but no real instructions.  So I’ll show you my inspiration pictures and then the steps I took to make everything.  Keep in mind this was my second time ever making a fondant cake and my first time ever making cake pops, so don’t expect perfection!

Cake Pops

Banana Bread Curious George Cake Pops

I got my inspiration for these cake pops here.  The recipe I used for making the pops themselves was the Company’s Coming banana bread I have previously posted on my blog.  Then to make it the right consistency to go in my new babycakes cake pop, I just added some water which made it runnier like a cake batter.  Then I just sprayed the cake pop maker with some Pam, filled a Ziploc bag with the batter and filled the bottom half of the circles about level with the top.






Then it was time to decorate.  First I made all the fondant faces, ears, and eyes, and drew in the details with edible marker and pearl dust:

Step 1

I made the fondant using the marshmallow fondant recipe I posted earlier on my blog.  Then warmed it in the microwave about 10 seconds before rolling it out to make it nice and thin.  Then I used a bear cookie cutter to start the faces.

Step 2

I then cut out enough faces for all the cake pops and a few extra just in case!


Step 3

Then I started to carve out the faces using a little cutting wheel found in most cake decorating kits.  I also used a paring knife a little too as I sometimes found it easier to use.


Step 4

Once I was done shaping all the faces, I used the small end of a #10 Wilton decorating tip to cut out fondant for the eyes.

I also used this tip for the ears as I decided I didn’t like the ears I was originally making

Step 5

Then I put the eyes onto the faces using a small decorator’s paint brush and some water.  Once that was done, I drew on details using edible markers (aka Food Writers) and some pink pearl dust for the cheeks.




Step 6

It was then time to decorate the cake pops.  To get them onto the stick you freeze the balls of cake for about 5 minutes, then you melt some chocolate wafers (I used Bernard Callebaut chocolate wafers), stick the stick into the melted chocolate about 1/2 to 1 inch into the center of the ball.  Place in the freezer for about another 5 – 10 minutes to harden the chocolate.  Then dip the entire ball into the melting chocolate, tap lightly to remove excess chocolate, press the face lightly onto the freshly coated ball, and do the same with the ears.  This one I made with the original half circle ears I had but I felt they were too small and didn’t have enough character.  So I used the large end of a decorating tip to make a circle, then cut it in half, and then curled it to make a curved ear which I then pressed onto each side of the face.  Make sense?

Oh, and I bought a couple of styrofoam blocks at Michaels to stick the cake pops in while I was making them.

Yellow Hat Cake Pops

I didn’t think I could have a Curious George party without there being yellow hats.  These were a little more difficult to make initially as I couldn’t use the cake pop maker and had to make these the hard way, by baking a cake, letting it cool, mixing it with icing, and then shaping it.  Here are my directions:

Step 1

Bake a cake, let it cool, and then crumble into small pieces in a mixing bowl.


Step 2

Mix crumbled cake with icing using a mixer (or a spatula), whatever you prefer.


Step 3

I then made a bunch of balls of cake using a meatballer.  So much quicker than trying to roll them by hand.


Step 4

I then made the balls into cones, pressed them onto some wax paper, squished the bottom down to form the brim of the hat.  Then I used a round cutter to make the brims nice and round.  I then froze these for about 5 minutes before coating.

Step 5

To coat the yellow hats, I melted some yellow chocolate wafers, then dipped the hats into the chocolate, tapping with the hats slightly sideways to let the excess drip off.  This process was a lot more difficult because of the brim of the hat, but it still worked out.

Step 6

Once the chocolate was hardened, I simply cut strips of dark brown fondant to put around the hats.


I then used a cardboard cake pop stand to display all the cake pops:

Curious George Cake

My inspiration for the cake can be found here.  To make the Curious George cake, I used two different kinds of cake, and baked each in a 3 inch tall round cake pan.  The first cake I made was a white cake and the second was a chocolate cake called Too Much Chocolate Cake.  They both turned out pretty good, but I’m a chocaholic so I liked the chocolate one more.  The vanilla buttercream recipe I made is found at the same link as the white cake.  The chocolate buttercream icing I made can be found here.

Here are the cakes:

Now it was time to decorate:





Step 1

I put a thin layer of vanilla buttercream on the cake, the covered with yellow fondant, and smoothed it out.


Step 2

Then I put some buttercream on top of the fondant under where I planned to put the chocolate cake.  I placed the chocolate cake on top of this icing, then cut a circle out of some parchment paper, and put in on top of the layer covered in fondant so I could ice and cover the chocolate cake without getting the first layer messy.

Step 3

I then covered the top layer with a nice, bright blue fondant.



Step 4

Then I cut out some red stripes and put them on the yellow layer of the cake.


Step 5

Once all the stripes were on the cake, I then made a banana out of white and yellow fondant.  To make the brown spots on the banana I once again used an edible marker.


Step 6

I made some Rice Krispie treats and then shaped them and cut them to make George’s head.  I used some skewers to provide support for the ears and the base of the head.

Step 7

I then coated the Rice Krispie treats with chocolate buttercream icing to help the fondant stick.


Step 8

Then I covered the whole head in a dark brown fondant and smoothed it out (as best I could).  I then cut out the general shape for the face out of a lighter colored fondant and fine tuned once in place.

Step 9

To make the eyes I cut some ovals out of white fondant that were just covered by the round dark circles for the eyes using the large end of a Wilton decorating tip.  The details were once again colored in using an edible marker and the pink (tongue and cheeks) were once again done with pearl dust.

Step 10

I wanted to make a party hat for George, so I bought some waffle cones, filled one with Rice Krispies and covered it with red fondant.  To secure to George’s head I stuck a skewer into the Rick Krispies and then put the other end into George’s head.

Step 11

I cut out a yellow strip to wrap around the party hat.  Then I made a red banner for the base of George to write on.  I then decorated the base of each layer with yellow buttercream icing.


Here is the finished cake with the birthday girl singing Happy Birthday!

Here are some pictures of the food that was served:








And last, but not least, the party favors:

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4 Responses to Kirsten Turns 3

  1. Jana D says:

    Your parties rock!

  2. Ronél says:

    Thanks a million for your step-by-step picture tutorial! I have to make Curious George cake pops for my niece’s third birthday next month. This morning I was thinking about how to shape cake pops more easily and thought about using cereal treat rather than the cake pop mixture – particularly for those peculiar shapes one sometimes have to make. Was your cake pop maker easy to use and did your cake pops come out nice and round?

    • cdawnb says:

      You’re welcome! Yes, the cake pop maker did make nice round balls (as long as you fill it with the proper amount). Too little and it won’t expand to fill the entire well; too much and it will come out the sides and you will end up with excess around the center.

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