Vertical Garden

I have wanted a garden for years, and ironically enough I finally have one in what is our smallest backyard yet.  I had to get creative, because I didn’t want a garden taking up a bunch of space in our already small yard.  So I came across this picture on Pinterest one day and it seemed like the perfect solution.  Now I loved the idea, but not necessarily the entire design.  So my husband and I looked at where I wanted these boxes to end up eventually and came up with a plan of our own after I made a decision regarding the dimensions of the boxes needed.

Then it came time to start the project.  The first thing my husband did was figure out the amount of lumber he would need, picked up what he needed and spent a couple of rainy days building the boxes inside the garage.  He even made miter cuts on the fronts of the boxes and came up with an assembly line of sorts to get the boxes built.  Of course, he had a little helper out there eager to help.




Then came the next step, prepping the site we had chosen.  This involved first removing the sod that was there.  Then I leveled all the bricks that the supports for the boxes would sit on.  Put in some lawn edging.  Laid down landscaping fabric.  Then put down crushed rock and stained the fence sections that would be behind the boxes, because I knew it would be much easier to do that before the boxes were in place.  In case it’s not obvious, the color of stain on the posts is slightly darker than the rest of the fence.  Apparently I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but you can see the original color of the fence and there was just grass all the way up to the fence.

Then on Sunday my husband spent a few hours getting the supports all built, holes drilled in the bottoms of the boxes (for drainage which I then lined with landscape fabric) and the boxes up in place.  Then we made a trip to the greenhouse and landscape supply store nearby, picked up a yard of topsoil blended with peat moss and manure and some veggies and fruits.  Then my husband (with the help of our daughter and my dad) filled all the boxes with soil and they are now all ready for planting all the veggies, fruits, and flowers I plan to put in them.  🙂

































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2 Responses to Vertical Garden

  1. Jana D says:

    You are the best at following through with your pins! Great job guys!

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