Childproofing Vent Covers

Is anyone tired of having their kids pulling out their vent covers and putting stuff down the vents?  I know I was, so I came up with a simple solution that I’m thinking it’s time I share as I’ve had a couple of people tell me they are having this problem with their kids so I know I’m not alone.  It’s so simple and you likely have the supplies you need right in your house. 

*Please excuse the picture quality as my husband is using our SLR so I was using my iPhone for these pictures!

Supplies needed:

  • felt pads – the ones you put on the legs of your furniture to help it slide better and to prevent it from scratching your floor.


  1. Place the felt pads on the sides of your vent covers until they fit snugly into the holes cut for the vent covers.  I had to put one on two sides of each vent cover.
  2. Smile and laugh as your children try to pull out the vent covers that once came out so easily!  But don’t get too comfortable with your victory as they will soon find something else you need to childproof!

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One Response to Childproofing Vent Covers

  1. Jana D says:

    Works great!

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