New Play Structure for the Kiddos

I don’t know who is more excited to have this new play structure, me or the kids.  Last year was the second summer in our new house, so we landscaped the yard and had created a large sand box for a play structure we knew we wanted for the kids.  It was in the plans to make that play structure last year but with all the other projects we had going on (in addition to a new-ish baby) we tabled the project until this year.  And during that time our plans for the final play structure changed a bit, meaning we didn’t need to make the sand box as large as we did, but what’s done is done (for now at least).  The plan changed after a trip to Gardenscapes where we picked up a catalogue of the many play structures from Rainbow Play Systems.  There was no way we were getting a play structure from them, because a) they are horrendously expensive, and b) our yard is on the smaller side so we wanted to custom design one that worked with our yard.  We decided on a plan we liked (which really means we picked a picture we saw in the catalogue), and my husband came up with a list of materials.  Then we headed to Home Depot with both the kids and picked up the materials we needed.

Just to give you an idea of what the play structure we had looked like, here is a picture from last summer (my husband built the A-frame for the swings, but the slide platform and slide were given to us by some very generous people-you know who you are!) Before I show you what the new play structure looks like, here are some pictures of the process: Day 1:





Day 2:  As you can see it snowed, so not too much progress was made other than starting the railing and building a new ladder: 

My husband picked away at the play structure on a few evenings during the week and finished up the railing.  Then this morning he worked on getting more 4 x 4 beams up to support the swings and the rings, and then worked on the roof and several other details with the help of his dad.  Here are the pictures leading up to the completion of this project:





The kids were very eager to start trying out the new play structure:








Here are some of the extras we added:




And here are the pictures of the completed structure:

I am so glad this project is done and that my husband is the kind of man that can build pretty much anything I can dream up!  There are some other small details I still want to add, but I will pick away at those as they are not critical.  I see many days being spent out in the backyard in our future!








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