Privacy railing

I have spent the last year since the house beside us was built trying to come up with an idea for a privacy railing I liked. I wanted something that was maintenance free as we have an aluminum railing, but I knew I didn’t want lattice. Then one day when I was out for a walk I saw the perfect solution, a glass railing. I took a picture of it with my phone and went into a local deck shop and asked if they did this kind of railing and to my delight, they said they did. So I picked out the privacy glass I wanted and the railing and got a quote. This was all done in the fall, but I figured there was no point getting it done until spring. So I waited patiently and about a month ago I put down the deposit and got the process started.
Here is a before picture:

Here is another picture after the posts went up:

And then two weeks later (today) the glass came in and was installed:

I love it! Not only will it give us some much needed privacy, but it will also help block some wind (hopefully)!

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