Curtains for Vincey’s room

I have been wanting to make some curtains to decorate the nursery since before he was born.  Well, just over a year later, they are finally done.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out, especially since they are the first curtains I have ever sewn.

It was a time-consuming process, but the tutorial on this blog made the process very straight-forward.  I followed the majority of her instructions other than using ribbon for the tabs, (because I did not have any ribbon that was white that would blend in with my liner fabric), and using a sheet for the liner.  I used a blackout liner, for its insulating and room-darkening properties.

Fabric close-ups:

Here are some pictures of the process.

Sewing the stripe of solid fabric onto the panels:Cutting the liner:Pressing the edges to prep them for sewing:Pieces used for the tabs (I sewed one long tube of the liner fabric, then cut it up int0 6 inch strips).  I then pressed the edges to prepare them to be sewn onto the back of the fabric:And finally, the finished product:Of course, this post wouldn’t have been complete, without a picture of the lucky little guy that has these curtains hanging in his room. 🙂

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