Back entrance organization

Our back entrance has been a point of contention in our house since we moved our washer and dryer up into it so we could have main floor laundry (which was a large reason we chose this house over the other new builds that were for sale on the street at the time).  When we bought the house the back entrance was big with a single rod and a shelf.  When we moved up the washer and dryer that cut the clothes rod size in half as well as space for our shoes.  It was an awkward sized space and since it is our primary entrance, I desperately wanted a bench and better organization.  I could never really come up with a solution until I came across this.

Then I planned my own design making it work for the size of space we had.  I then headed to Home Depot and picked up some supplies: melamine, iron-on veneer, tracks for shelving, laundry basket, new floor mat, clothes rod, and 4 boot trays and voila, I now have an organized, functional back entrance.

Before I reveal what it now looks like, here are a couple of before pictures:








Here are the after pictures:











I was lucky enough to find boot trays that fit the exact dimensions I made the openings for the shoes (except the bottom left because of the trim).  I’ll have to fix that.  They serve two purposes: catching all the mess from our boots and shoes and they can be pulled out to easily get out the shoes placed at the back.  And I also picked up this great new vinyl mat.  So much better than the fabric ones I had before.  My socks were constantly getting wet whenever I went back to do laundry, but with this mat I can scrape the snow and it seems to pull the moisture to the bottom.  I love it!

So all I need to do is make a cushion for the bench area and move the key hook up so the kids stop playing with the keys now that there is a handy bench there that helps them reach them!  I love how everything now has a place and there’s somewhere to sit when putting on shoes and boots.  It’s a multi tasking area that’s perfect for me!

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One Response to Back entrance organization

  1. Jana D says:

    Awesome job Crystal!

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